Bruno Militelli is an award-winning digital photographer based in Sao Paulo. He is an expert in macro photography, passionate about abstract images and directs his creative work to crafty unique images always evoking an intriguing atmosphere. Bruno is a self-taught photographer continually dedicated to improving his artistic vision and skillsets in the field of photography that he pursuit to develop.

His style can best be described as vivid and naturalistic, using simple compositions combining light, contrast and color to capture even the smallest details, emphasizing how beautiful the planet we live in and call home. Over time he came to see his digital camera as a modern instrument capable of transporting him to a new, untapped world where he can discover locations and scenarios still unknown.


Within his photography he seeks for an abstract but yet natural result, developing his individual perspective and allowing the viewer to also appreciate the object photographed from this different viewpoint. Through his art, Bruno depicts nature as an abstract manifestation, transcending the materiality of the elements that composes it. Each of his images aims to portray the singular beauty of the object, showing its unique details and patterns.


Above all Bruno looks for professionalism, quality and exclusivity in his images, providing Fine Art photo frames with extraordinary visual concept for the decoration of your space or for your architectural project. His work is available in limited prints and has appeared in magazines and publications. For him every photographic conception, commission and personal contacts are unique.


Get in touch, so we can talk in detail about your conceptions and ideas.

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