In this photographic series it’s intend to show the subtle interaction of only two elements of nature, feathers and drops of water. It is the inherent ability of birds to repel water that keeps them dry, their feathers are naturally impermeable.


It is this repellent property that has generated perfect water spheres that virtually float beneath the surface of the feather. Observed from a macro perspective, it is possible to admire the beauty of these impeccably round and translucent water pearls, revealed in these photos in a singular way, in order to show the influence of light when crossing these drops. Due to the optical phenomenon of refraction created by water, these water droplets have the ability to deflect the light that crosses them, functioning exactly like a magnifying glass.

The arrangement of impeccably parallel and symmetrical stripes that, together with the unique patterns and colors of these small filaments, unveiled an organic and abstract design, so pleasing when appreciated from this point of view. The spectator is invited to get lost in the personal interpretation of this world that could easily go unnoticed.


Depending on the angle of incidence of the light in the drop and the arrangement of the feather stripes, the result is transformed into each image, generating quite distinct textures and contours, always with sharp contrasts and well defined lines.


Aquabeads is a spectacular composition of abstract photographs that transform feathers into art.

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