Macro photographic series of crystals, known as agate, which is a variety of translucent quartz. This is a crystal characterized by its varied colors and arranged in parallel, straight and concentric bands, which creates this surprising effect when viewed closely.

This is a serious that explores how light reacts by passing through these crystals, exalting their colors, shapes and textures, creating incredible patterns with unique designs and vibrant shades.

Through the use of a macro perspective my purpose is to show a hidden world, a crypto-word, that only nature would be able to build, making it possible to expose structures that normally could not be admired by the naked eye.

It is fascinating how we can identify in these abstract patterns and organic formations, characteristics analogous to much larger natural elements of our planet. Rivers, seas, mountains, waves, beaches, rock, ice, water. Each crystal appears to be from a separate universe with its completely individual compositions.

Because of this similarity these photographs appear to be of a fluid, ever-moving world, but in reality they are immobilized and eternalized in every part of these crystals.

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