I have always been fascinated by repetitive patterns in the natural world. The “Lacy” series is a photographic project that closely observes the distinctive shape of the leaves coming from an unique type of fern, known in Brazil as the “portuguese-lace”.
Due to this remarkable organization, which resembles a delicate fabric, its leaves have a great detail in their subdivisions and have unique cutouts, making it a very particular and admirable texture plant.

These repetitive patterns are known for their formation governed by the Fibonacci sequence and commonly appear in various biological configurations and can also be observed in many forms of living beings. In the case of plants, it is possible to find them in the arrangement of the leaves of a branch, in the disposition of the treetops or even in the number and size of flower petals. In the case of leaf structure, this model contributes to achieve more productivity, its formation based on this type of sequence results in a high efficiency in the absorption of sunlight.

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