Native Abstraction

In this photographic series I intend to discover an abstract perspective on the construction of feathers. When observed from a macro viewpoint, it is possible to admire the beauty and complexity of these structures that have the main function of enabling birds to fly, but also act as thermal insulation, promote waterproofing and even serve as a protective layer.

Feathers are present only in birds and is one of the unique aspects that distinguish birds from other animals, each species has its feathers with totally different sizes, shapes and colors. Being so distinct from each other is the plumage that brings all the beauty and gracefulness individually to each type of bird.

It is this arrangement of impeccably parallel, well defined and symmetrically perfect stripes that, together with the different color and unique filament patterns, reveals an organic design and is so pleasing when appreciated through this macro perspective. Man will hardly ever be able to reproduce a structure like this with such perfection.

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