For this photographic series the interaction between the physics of foam construction and its visual impact is what drove me. Designed to spark the viewer's imagination, these images perfectly exploit the connection between science and the inherent artistic appeal of soap bubbles.

Foams are ubiquitous in daily life, found in food, beverages, beauty products, soundproofing materials, among many other everyday utilities. All types of foams are created by the union of small bubbles that appear on the surface of the liquid as air joins the mixture, and despite the visual balance conveyed by these fascinating arrangements, their structure has a complex geometry and delicate construction.

When you look at a bubble, what you are really seeing is some air trapped inside a thin film, consisting of two outer layers of soap that surround an inner layer of water. As soon as two bubbles meet, they merge their walls to minimize their surface area and, through this contact, connect together forming a cluster of several individual bubbles, united in one group, but differing in size and contour, producing unique organizations.

In this series, by creating an intriguing atmosphere the observer is taken to an extreme approximation of the foam morphology, from the micro point of view it is possible to see that these are elegant skeletal structures with an almost surreal appearance, making them appear unfamiliar and sometimes strange. Much like an abstract painting, the exhibited formations seem to celebrate the essence of an artistic composition, the images capture and manipulate the impressive aesthetic perfection of these bubbles.

Art and science inevitably become close in our appreciation of the forms of nature, as they too can be interpreted as a direct manifestation of the natural laws that dictate our lives.

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