NFT Collections

For this macro photographic collection, the interaction between the physics of crystals construction and its visual impact through light was what guided me.

Designed to spark the viewer's imagination, these images seamlessly explore the connection between science and the inherent artistic appeal of a natural phenomenon. These especially crystalline structures became perfect elements to create striking abstract macro images that appear to be aerial landscapes from another world.

These clustered crystals were created from a chemical compound known as magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), these crystalline structures are formed through evaporation, as the water leaves the solution crystals begin to organize and appear at the bottom of the glass, growing in different directions and thicknesses.

Each crystallization is unique, it will never be possible to reproduce these crystalline formations exactly as they depend on many variables such as the elements, evaporation time, ambient temperature and saturation of the solution! It's all a matter of figuring out what conditions will provide the most aesthetically interesting structures of these translucent crystals to be capture under artificial colored and polarized lighting through my macro lens.

Size: 6240 x 4158 pixels
Edition: 1/1
Floor Price: 1.00 ETH

Available in NFT photography through the Foundation platform on Sloika World.